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Episode 33 - Electrical Load Shedding Can Impact A/C Diagnosis

Episode 33 - Electrical Load Shedding Can Impact A/C Diagnosis

Pete Orlando is the Senior Curriculum Developer and Technical Instructor for Carquest Technical Institute (CTI) and he knows a lot about Electrical Systems Power Management. Listen in as Pete shares valuable insights and service tips when diagnosing vehicle air conditioning systems. As vehicles begin to age, so does the battery, and modern power management systems are designed with algorithms that work by reducing electrical loads to compensate for electrical problems that could look like a climate control problem to the driver. Hear all about it as Pete shares information on:

  • How power management systems work by monitoring temperature and voltage.
  • How voltage monitoring is used by different automotive systems.
  • Why it’s not OK to grab the battery jumper pack first.
  • How incorrect jump-starting connections can set trouble codes.
  • What is blind charging and why that jumper stud is there.
  • How load shedding can impact your diagnosis routine.
  • How to find the right power management information you need for correct diagnosis and repair of systems that think for themselves.
  • What automotive systems can be impacted by load shedding.
  • Why ongoing training is critical to identify the right cause of a problem.

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