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Episode 42 - Car Care Tips as America Goes Back to Work

Episode 42 - Car Care Tips as America Goes Back to Work

The Automotive Service Association represents the best of the best automotive and collision repair shops in the nation. Listen in as Ray Fisher, ASA President and Executive Director talks to drivers about getting back on the road for their daily commute. If you’re vehicle has been sitting for a while during the COVID-19 crisis, here are some of the things that consumers should think about:

  • How shelter-in-place affects vehicles that aren’t being driven
  • What you should have checked when you start driving again
  • Why your battery might be dead and what you should have checked
  • What you should mention to your repair shop
  • Brake rotor rust and what you should know about it
  • What can happen to tires and what symptoms indicate flat spots
  • Why now is a good time for an oil change
  • How small animals can damage wiring in a vehicle that’s been sitting
  • The importance of cleaning debris from air intakes and checking your cabin filter
  • What can happen to unused garage-kept vehicles
  • How to get rid of mold and mildew in your air vents
  • Washing your car the right way
  • Taking care of paint chips and rust properly
  • Click here to find a quality repair shop.

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