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Episode 46 - Cyber Liability Insurance - What You Need to Know

Episode 46 - Cyber Liability Insurance - What You Need to Know


Guest: Brian Risen, President, AmeriTrust Insurance

Brian Risen is President of AmeriTrust Insurance, an ASA Sponsored Benefit Provider. The COVID-19 crisis continues to challenge the automotive repair industry, even as we start opening back up. Every small business owner knows the importance of both liability and workman’s compensation insurance, but how familiar are you with the cybersecurity issue? The threat is real and the exposure may be higher than you think. Hear all about it as Brian shares his views on what repair shops should be doing to prepare for this growing threat to their business and what you can do to protect yourself, your employees and your business. In this episode, Brian discusses:

  • What AmeriTrust Insurance has been doing to support ASA members during the pandemic shutdown.
  • How the current crisis is changing the way collision and mechanical shops are doing business.
  • The business risks of living in a digital world.
  • Why cybersecurity will continue to be a growing issue for ASA members.
  • How cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and common.
  • Where cyberattacks are coming from and who are the bad actors.
  • The threat level is higher than you think.
  • What the risks are to your business.
  • What you can do to limit your exposure.
  • What is cyber liability insurance and what you need to know.

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