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Episode 60 - Talking With A Tire Engineer

Episode 60 - Talking With A Tire Engineer

Mechanical Service & Repair

Guest: Heather Mosier, Director, Technology Development, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Heather Mosier is Director, Technology Development at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.  She has been with Cooper for nearly 25 years and has successfully overseen and executed the development of several award-winning tires, including those that have been selected as original equipment on Mercedes- Benz SUVs.  In this podcast, Heather, who holds degrees in chemical engineering and manufacturing management, talks about key components of tires and why they are (or should be) important to your customers. She also talks about the technical trade-offs tire developers make when designing tires for specific vehicles and driving conditions. Heather also addresses upcoming trends in tire design driven by consumer needs and the latest automotive technologies, along with such topics as:  

  • What sparked her interest in chemical engineering and manufacturing management.  
  • The key components of a tire and which ones customers need to know about when they are looking to replace their tires.
  • Some of the trends today in tire design and how tire design has been impacted by things like electric vehicles or autonomous vehicles.
  • How we can help our customers better understand tires when making a purchase decision.
  • The upcoming webinar on October 7th.

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