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Episode 69 - Collision Industry Outlook

Episode 69 - Collision Industry Outlook

Collision Repair

Guest: John Yoswick, Editor and Publisher, CRASH Network

John Yoswick is Editor and Publisher of CRASH Network, a collision industry newsletter that takes a deep dive into the numbers so subscribers can measure themselves against their peers. In this episode, John offers his industry observer’s perspective on how collision shops are weathering the pandemic and what he sees from the many CRASH surveys he does. His 31 years of experience as a collision industry veteran journalist provides an insider’s view of where we are and where we’re going, including:

  • How the CRASH Network Newsletter covers the collision repair industry.
  • A snapshot on what other collision shops are doing in terms of revenues during the pandemic.
  • How the collision industry is recovering from the COVID pandemic.
  • Why location matters when it comes to the recovery.
  • How employment numbers are being impacted.
  • The Who Pays for What survey with Mike Anderson.
  • How collision shops can participate in the surveys.
  • The Insurer Report Card and how it benefits shops and consumers.
  • The optimistic outlook for 2021.
  • For more information on CRASH Network visit the CRASH website at

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