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Episode 71 – Planning for Accidents

Episode 71 – Planning for Accidents


Guest: Brian Risen, President, AmeriTrust Connect

No matter how well we train or plan, accidents will occasionally happen. Brian Risen is President of AmeriTrust Connect, an ASA Sponsored Benefit Provider. Their specialty is Workman’s Compensation Insurance, and in this episode, Brian offers tips and advice on how best to plan for an accident and get employees back on their feet should the worst happen. Listen in as Brian outlines the benefits of a Return To Work Program and how the data shows that getting back to work as quickly as possible can actually improve an employee’s recovers. In this podcast, Brian covers such topics as:

  • How a Return To Work Program can help a small business owner reduce the cost of their Workman’s Compensation while increasing the health and happiness of their employees.
  • The benefits to an injured employee of getting back to work as quickly as possible. What the statistics show.
  • How to get an injured employee the care they need.
  • Is contracting COVID-19 a reason for a compensation claim?
  • When should you file a workman’s compensation claim?
  • Where shop owners can find the workman’s compensation regulations in their state.
  • What you should be thinking about and planning before an accident happens.
  • Talking to a doctor about bringing an injured employee back to work.
  • Identifying light work duties as part of your plan.
  • How AmeriTrust Group continues to support their clients through the pandemic.

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