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Episode 72 – Scott Brown Talks About Diagnostic Network and What’s Next

Episode 72 – Scott Brown Talks About Diagnostic Network and What’s Next

Mechanical Service & Repair Training

Guest: Scott Brown, Co-Owner, Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center, Claremont, California

If you don’t recognize the name Scott Brown, you’ll probably recognize some of his work over the years. Together with Brent Black, Scott founded the International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN).   Along with his wife, Cindy, Scott is the co-owner of Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center in Claremont, California. His most recent achievement was launching Diagnostic Network, an information resource for technicians worldwide. Hear all about it as Scott talks about how he got started as a technician and his career to date. It’s a fascinating story from someone who has made a difference! Listen in as Scott covers such topics as:

  • How a chance meeting led to the creation of iATN with Brent Black
  • His fascination with computers that led him to become a diagnostic technician.
  • How sharing information with other technicians grew into one of the most recognized technician websites in the automotive industry.
  • His commitment to training and how he’s working to keep others up to speed on the latest technology.
  • How Diagnostic Net was created and its mission to bring and share information.
  • Scott’s thoughts on how technicians are needed more than ever before to service the highly complex vehicles of today.
  • For more information on Diagnostic Network, visit their website at

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