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Episode 76 - Fighting for Independent Repair Shops in Washington, D.C.

Episode 76 - Fighting for Independent Repair Shops in Washington, D.C.


Guest: Bob Redding, ASA Washington Representative

Bob Redding, ASA Washington Representative, is fighting for the independent service industry. In this podcast, Bob wraps up the year and talks about the important issues and legislation that will impact everyone working in automotive service and collision repair shops across the nation. Hear all about it as he discusses the current COVID relief package and how ASA members are engaging their legislators in unprecedented numbers to get the help we need to weather the pandemic. Hear all about how ASA has your back and fights for the independent repair community in many ways, including :

  • How ASA is fighting for additional COVID-19 relief as members continue to cope with the business impact from the pandemic.
  • ASA’s opposition to another Cash for Clunkers program that negatively impacted independent repair shops the last time it was tried.
  • Focusing ASA resources on where they will do the most good for our members and the industry at large.
  • What the new round of Paycheck Protection Program funding contains for independent repair shops.
  • What the Right to Repair initiative in Massachusetts is now law and what it means for the independent repair industry.
  • The importance of data access to independent repair shops.
  • What we can expect to see on the data access front in 2021.
  • The continuing attacks on periodic motor vehicle inspection programs at the state level and their growing importance as we move toward ride sharing and autonomous vehicles.
  • Why ASA is advocating for codifying the use of OE repair procedures for the collision industry.
  • ASA’s new Emissions Tracker and the growth of electrification by vehicle manufacturers, as an anticipated push for air quality grows with the new administration in Washington.

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