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Episode 78: Is Virtual Training Here to Stay?

Episode 78: Is Virtual Training Here to Stay?

Technicians Training

Guest: Ryan Kooiman, Director of Training, Standard Motor Products

Ryan Kooiman, Director of Training for Standard Motor Products, delivers a lot of technical training to the aftermarket. In this episode, Ryan talks about how COVID has changed where and how that training will be delivered as we emerge from the pandemic. Hear all about how Ryan got into training and how Standard Motor Products supports the independent repair community pre-COVID with over 2500 live training events per year, and is continuing that training support with virtual events reaching more than 20,000 technicians as we work through the impact of the pandemic. Listen in as Ryan discusses a wide range of topics, including:

  • How live technical training gave way to a new wave of virtual learning in 2020.
  • Why the SMP transition to virtual learning was smooth and effective.
  • What SMP has learned from the virtual training experience to better connect with their audience.
  • How we can do a better job of delivering training and engaging technicians.
  • Why virtual training is here to stay and will be part of the live training process going forward.
  • What we’ve learned from the COVID virtual training experience.
  • The growing appreciation of the value of distance learning.
  • The importance of getting back to live training events as quickly as possible.

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