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Episode 9 – The Future of Mobility

Episode 9 – The Future of Mobility

Neal Watterson, Global Head of Guest Products and General Manager of Uber for Business was a featured speaker at the ASA MSO Symposium in Las Vegas. Listen as Neal discusses the future of Mobility, Uber and the Automotive Industry. From a focus on safety, to the new paradigm that says “yes, it’s ok to get into vehicles with strangers” he paints a picture of a future that’s not that far off and may surprise you. 

  • Uber’s primary focus on safety shapes all of their plans for the future 
  • How autonomous vehicles will impact the automotive service industry 
  • How shops can use ride-sharing to improve customer convenience 
  • Uber for business programs for mechanical and collision shops 
  • Uber Elevate—electric helicopters and flying cars (yes, flying cars)  

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