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Episode 95 – Gary Smith on the Need for PWM Training

Episode 95 – Gary Smith on the Need for PWM Training

Technicians Mechanical Service & Repair Training

Guest: Gary Smith, DiagNation

Keeping up with automotive technology requires ongoing training. That’s particularly true when it comes to learning more about Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Gary Smith of DiagNation knows that better than most, but these days it’s as much about radio frequencies as it is basic electricity. The type of things we need to know about range from basic electrical components and circuits to how transistors affect current flow and signal generation in order to properly interpret waveforms. Gary talks about developing new types of test equipment to measure radio frequency signals, which offers the potential for faster and less-invasive test procedures. It’s not just about what we’re learning, but how we’re learning it! If you want a look ahead to where we’re going with automotive control systems, this podcast is for you!

Among the many topics discussed, you’ll hear about:

  • Part of the gap between training and understanding comes down to the basics.
  • Understanding the physical mechanism and the electrical behavior behind it is more important than ever before.
  • Knowing how Pulse Width Modulation in its base form works allows one to expand their diagnostic capabilities between different models and manufacturers.
  • How to work the basics into advanced training to enhance your understanding of what the test equipment is telling you.
  • How modulation works and is used in modern automotive applications.
  • Why understanding signal processing allows you to improve your diagnostic skills to answer over 90% of all diagnostic questions you encounter.
  • The role of Pulse Width Modulation in ADAS control systems.
  • Why you’ll never outgrow the knowledge of basic signal processing.
  • How much of this training applies to the new challenges technicians will face as the vehicle fleet moves towards electrification.
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