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Episode 96 – Virtual Interactive Diagnostic Challenge Combines Fun and Learning

Episode 96 – Virtual Interactive Diagnostic Challenge Combines Fun and Learning

Technicians Events Mechanical Service & Repair Training

Guests: Brin Kline & Rich Falco

In many ways, the recent ASA X50 Conference & Expo provided the opportunity to try some new things. One great example of this was the Interactive Diagnostic Challenge presented by Brin Kline and Rich Falco, with the support of CTI, WTI, and Training by Techs. At the heart of all associations is the need to provide relevant information and ongoing learning to the membership, and the past year presented some unique challenges to accomplishing that goal. With the sudden reliance on virtual events came a new appreciation of the value such events can provide. From savings on training expenses for travel, lodging and meals, to the opportunity to receive important training information at your convenience via recorded sessions, panels and vendor interaction. It’s become more and more obvious that even the live events will have a virtual component going forward, and some of those virtual components will represent fun ways of learning while building relationships through cooperative competition. 

In this episode, Brin and Rich share their thoughts on how the Interactive Diagnostic Challenge came about and how it became one of the most successful sessions at the ASA X50 Conference. Hear all about it as they discuss:

  • How they share their knowledge and experience as successful shop owners through training.
  • How the Interactive Diagnostic Challenge was created and why.
  • The process of developing a fun, interactive way of sharpening diagnostic skills through friendly competition.
  • Why the X50 Conference was the perfect venue to introduce this new virtual training opportunity.
  • What they learned from the experience to improve and grow the virtual training experience.
  • The teamwork involved in building the first Interactive Diagnostic Challenge.
  • The feedback from those involved and how this might impact virtual events to come.
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