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Episode 98 – Growing Up in the Business

Episode 98 – Growing Up in the Business

Management Miscellaneous

Guest: Kathryne Buckley-Tessem, Executive Director, ASA-Texas

Kathryne Buckley-Tessem is the new Executive Director of ASA-Texas. She’s also the daughter of Jeff Buckley, a name many of us are familiar with from his shop video’s. In the first of a two-part podcast, we talk with Kathryne about growing up in the business and how it helped her discover her desire to serve. She also shares her personal story about how she moved from the world of sports management to her present position with ASA-TX. Along the way, Kathryne offers a glimpse into the lives of a family who has made a difference in their local community and our industry. It’s a story with a few surprises.

Listen in as Kathryne shares her thoughts on her father, Jeff, her family and her own interesting journey on the path to serve as she discusses:

  • Her love for athletics in high school and growing up
  • Achieving her degree in Sport Management at Texas A&M University
  • Working with amateur and professional sports organizations
  • How starting a family changed her professional life
  • Why she transitioned from working in the sports industry to event & non-profit consulting
  • Her passion for helping and serving others
  • Growing up in the industry with her father, Jeff Buckley
  • How the family came to settle in Midlothian, TX when Jeff found the perfect location for the shop he always wanted.
  • The story of how My Father’s Shop got its name and what it really means.
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