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Level 2 Shop Business Management Class

Level 2 Shop Business Management Class

Tuesday, January 5, 2021 12:00 PM - Tuesday, February 23, 2021 1:00 PM (CST)


Bob GreenwoodBob Greenwood Offered You A New Way of Thinking About Developing Your Business In Level 1. Now take the next step in Level 2 for shop owners only.

Congratulations as you finished the Level 1 class understanding the new way of thinking about your business. As you found out it is something everyone can do that does not require anything but an open mind to succeed!

The next Level 2 Shop Business Management Class starting January 5th, 2021 at 12PM Central and finishing February 23rd will be the first Level 2 class. ASA is presenting as the Level 1 training was a prerequisite for the Level 2 class.

Now it is time to move on to Level 2 as it is for shop owners only (not staff) and this is what you will learn?
• What is the role of a CEO in today’s shop business? Why is it necessary?
• What does a CEO have to format and measure that shop managers do not and why?
• Learning to measure your business from an outside perspective that continues to move the bottom-line forward to potentially set the business up for a future sale. 


Level 2 Agenda

  •   Quick review of the Level 1 course that was taken to embrace the strategies required of a changing business model
  •   Recognizing common traits of shop owners who are in financial trouble
  •   Measuring your Business Success Score – 3 key items never measured before in the Independent shop
  •   Breakout session: Measuring my Success Score – my strengths and weaknesses 
  •   Establishing the Right Focus and what will be required to move to the CEO level in business today.
  •   Reviewing business management terms used in today’s business world
  •   Reviewing the Formal Financial Statement sent to the bank.  What does the 7-page document tell the bank about your Management skills?
  •   Examining the analysis that many banks use to rate your business success
  •   Breakout session: analyzing my statement from a banker’s point of view 
  •   Listing the steps required to improve the weaknesses of my Formal Financial Statement    
  •   Recognizing early warning signs that shop financial failure is a real possibility
  •   Analyzing Accounts receivable profitability – which accounts contribute to the bottom line of the shop – how to calculate the results
  •   Should we change our A/R policies? How to revamp A/R policies and retain the client.
  •   Breakout session: analyzing my A/R 
  •   Return On Investment (ROI) – what is it? How is it measured? Why is it important? How do I improve it?
  •   Breakout session: Analyzing my own ROI and building a plan to improve ROI in my shop
  •   Multiple shop development – things to consider in the decision process
  •   What is required today in a proper business bank loan proposal 
  •   Measuring my progression – where do we go from here and how?
  •   Summary and conclusion

Remember, Level 2 is strictly for shop owners only and cannot be attended to unless Level 1 has been completed. Level 2 is a continuation of Level 1 initial development. In Level 2 we show the shop owner how to truly transform into a business CEO. 


Early Bird through Dec.15th:
$600 member 
$700 non-member

Regular Price after Dec. 15th:
$650 member 
$700 non-member
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Tony Molla
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